Thursday, July 9, 2009

Black Gold!

Composting is the most natural, organic way to add nutrients back into your soil. Add compost to your fall beds, cover with cardboard and straw and next spring just cut a hole in the cardboard where you want your plants, set them in the dirt and voila! You'll almost never have to water or weed all summer! The cardboard and straw keep the weeds out and the moisture in! I've thourouly enjoyed my garden all summer as I have not had to work in it much!
This is a bucket of composted leaves that sat in our driveway in a pile all winter, spring, and part of summer. The leaves are now a fine, rich compost for my garden! Now this year I'm going to be sure and MOVE that leaf pile down to my compost and turn it several times this year with manure and kitchen scraps. Imgine how rich that will be!
Now I could go into all the details of composting, but most successful gardeners I've met don't worry so much about the ratio of their compost. They usually say something like, "Just throw in some kitchen scraps, some egg shells, leaves, and manure, and it'll be fine!" Just remember the more you turn it the quicker it will compost.

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