Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finally! Make your own cloth pull-ups!

Finally! Save money and make your own cloth pullups! These are easier than they look!

I found that buttons keep the pullup together the best when pulling them up and down your babies legs. I originally tried snaps and they kept unsnapping while I was pulling them up on my little girl. Then I tried hook and eye and those would barely stay together period! So I resulted to buttons and they work and look the best! Have fun with your buttons! There are so many cute buttons for sale! Check back soon for a post I'll be putting up about how to make your own very NEAT button holes.

Cut out two 22" x 7" strips. You may want to make the strips wider for a larger child. This size is perfect for my 18 month old but a bit narrow in the tush for my 3 1/2 year old. (He still wears nighttime pullups). So feel free to adjust the width. The length however fits them both fine.

Next, cut out four 8" x 5 1/4 " strips. These will be your sides.

Hem both the tops down of the two strips. This will be the opening to stuff the diaper.

Next, cut your elastic. I measure and mark
5 1/2" down the front end (where the hem is) of the strip and 5" down the other end of the strip and putting the two strips right sides together, sew your elastic, between the two marks, stretching as you sew. The tighter you stretch the elastic, the tighter it will be around your babies inner legs and the shorter the pullup will be. Experiment a little with this to find yours and your babies personal preference.
Next, sew a small strip of elastic on the wrong side of the fabric (see photo below) about 1 1/2 " from the top of the back end of the pullup (the end that is not hemmed.

Next, sew three even strips of elastic (stretching as you sew) on the wrong side of two of the strips. I space them about an inch apart and sew them about 3/4" to 1" from the ends.

This is how the right side looks when you're done sewing the three strips of elastic. This is the piece that will go around your babies waist.

Next, sew the other two small strips of fabric to the ones with the elastic, leaving one end open in order to turn right side out.

Next, pin the side strips inside the pullup (see photo), making sure the right side of the strip (the side that shows the elastic stitches) and the back of the pullup (the end with the little piece of elastic) will both be showing on the outside of the pullup when on your baby. If you're confused see photos of finished product. (My skill with words is not that great).

Sew the entire pullup with right sides together leaving the hemmed end open. Flip right side out.

Begin top stitching. This is very important. See this picture and the picture of the finished product below (a few photos down) to see how neat it looks when topstitched.

Voila! Homemade, stuffable pullups! Stuff them lighter for daytime use, and heavier for night time use.

Please leave feedback! I would like to know how these are working for everyone!

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